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So who are we?

Bridal Affairs is the creation of three wedding planners who have a huge amount of love for this industry. What motivated us was the warm and fuzzzy feeling we get whenever we see the genuine smiles and gratitude from our brides and grooms. And when you get satisfaction out of more than what money can buy, you know you're in the right business.

Bridal Affairs specialises in wedding gowns and suits rental with a range of optional services under one roof. Brides who need only one gown can opt for our ala carte one gown rental. If you are one who prefer to be hassel-free, we have full packages which comprises of gowns, suits, make up, pre-wedding and actual day photography, videography, florals and even car rental options. You can choose from our various packages for your different needs, custom made package are also available. We are more than happy to guide you through your wedding planning process, but should you require extra assistance in your preparation, Bridal Affairs also offer wedding planning services at privileged prices for our couples. We even have customised wedding rings at the best prices and quality.


With our vast collection of more than 600 gowns on our racks today, you're sure to find something of your dreams. We offer a range of gowns at different prices to meet your budget. Bespoke or custom made dresses are also available at really afforable prices.


At Bridal Affairs, we pride ourselves on our transparency in our prices with our no hidden cost policy. We also only work with the best service providers to ensure you are taken care of in every step of your journey. Over at our place, as long as you have the faith to walk your journey with us, we will always do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face. 


Come have a talk with one of our experienced consultant, and soak in the air of your beautiful occasion. Feel like a bride and groom, feel loved, feel pampered.


Afterall, it's a wedding!


Check out more testimonies by our customers:


Memories - Bensound
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I'm a happy and satisfied customer from Bridal Affairs. We took up Affinity Package (1 bridal gown and groom suit) and photography service.

We feel welcome and at ease even though we only took up the most basic package.
Christin let us try out various gowns when we first met. She is also patient in explaining every details and made us feel like actually we have signed up for the most expensive package. She is non pushy nor hard selling that made us confirm a package with them right after we try out various gowns.

Our gown/suit fitting was served by Connie, she provided advice on the gown and doesn't hard sell me any upgrade of dresses. That's a plus point that made fitting a fun time.

And not forgetting Luke from photomoments, he was great! He mingled and got along well with everyone. Luke was very helpful throughout the whole wedding. Even help me out throughout the tea ceremony as well as helping me to tie up the ring onto the ring pillow which i totally have no idea on how to do it.

I would recommend Bridal Affairs with good services and their bright smiles every time we went there. - Sept 2015

My husband and I just had our wedding on 25 Oct 2014 and we really want to share our pleasant experience with Bridal Affairs. I was a very last minute bride who only contacted Christin less than 4 months before my wedding. I visited a few bridal studios prior to visiting BA but because I already had taken my pre-wedding photoshoot in TW, most bridal studios did not want to entertain me much, and even those that receive good reviews in this forum did not provide good service.

This was however, different with BA. Christin promptly arranged for a meeting for me and I was served by Sharron during my first visit. She was pleasant and explained the package to us patiently. She also encouraged me to try on a few gowns with no obligation, so that I can have an idea of what I suit and what they could offer me. Fast forward to second visit, we were served by Connie, who is also lovely and pleasant even though she only had less than a year experience in BA. They did not hard sell me any upgrade of dresses and asked me to choose whichever was comfortable for me. Even though I only upgraded one tier (Classic), I loved the gowns and my guests also complimented on the gowns!

Christin is a very experienced and steady wedding coordinator, and is always on top of things, without us having to worry about what's next. Even up to the floral decorations and my bridal bouquet, no stones were left unturned. She gave good suggestions and I LOVE MY BOUQUET!

On our wedding day, Luke was our photographer. He is steady, professional and funny at times. He gave my husband and I clear directions and good advice during our wedding to make sure that all is smooth. He was like our semi wedding coordinator when we were unsure of the customary tea ceremony procedures. Even our parents praised him as he really made everyone comfortable. He had our interest at heart, and did not suggest things that will increase our cost (e.g. extending the hours for his services during the farewell).

All in all, it was a pleasant experience working with BA's team and we will highly recommend their services to all couples!

Zavier+Joycelyn - Oct 2014

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