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The wedding march - Johnathan Cains
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Hi everyone! Recently, my hubby engaged Bridal Affairs to customise a ring for me as a surprise birthday gift.He chose Bridal Affairs for the ring customisation as we were very impressed with Bridal Affairs' services and expertise throughout our wedding preparation. The Bridal Affairs team was also very friendly and we felt very comfortable with them. To us, they were not like many bridal boutiques which only focus on making your money. Bridal Affairs was very sincere in attending to our needs and making our wedding memorable.

I must say that not only is Bridal Affairs top-notch in their wedding services, their rings are also comparable to many jewellery chains out there. The ring my hubby gave me is very elegant and gorgeous. Even the finest details are well taken care of Since it is a surprise birthday gift for me, of course I was not involved in the whole brainstorming process of the customisation. However, I understand from my hubby that Christin helped a lot throughout the process. As my hubby is not an expert in ring design, he could only provide Christin with a photo of the design he had in mind. With that, Christin gave him further recommendations to enhance the design so that it will be suitable for my age and character. Christin also took into account the design of my engagement ring in her recommendations. I am glad that my hubby took up Christin's recommendations as I really really love the ring

Not only was the ring a pleasant birthday surprise for me, on the day of the ring collection (i.e. my birthday), Christin and her team also gave me a bouquet of flowers as a birthday gift! It was something my hubby did not plan for and it took him by surprise too. It's very heartwarming for us. We are glad to have found Bridal Affairs and will not hesitate to engage their services again in the future whenever we have the opportunity

I am a very satisfied recent customer of Bridal Affairs! Big thanks to Christin and Connie who displayed consistent professionalism and helpfulness right from the very first appointment when I was just shopping around for a bridal gown. I took a 2 piece package for myself and daughter and custom made my wedding bands with them. When Christin first received my wedding band, she returned it to the ring designer as she was not satisfied with the result. She only released the rings to me after they rectified it. Such was the thoroughness that Bridal Affairs has for their customers. As my daughter is expecting, the ladies at Bridal Affairs did 2 fittings for her to ensure that the gown fits her comfortably for my wedding. Christin was always at hand to help with any concerns or issues I had. She entertained all the questions I had, promptly replied messages that I sent her. They spaced out their appointments very well so that their customers are always attended to. On the day of my gown collection, they had forgotten to give me the back flap for my gown. As I had no time to go to collect it, Christin actually came to the hotel and sew the flap on! Such excellent service recovery! It has been a very pleasant experience with Bridal Affairs, they may not be the cheapest HDB based bridal shops around but you do get a large variety of quality gowns, thoroughness, great standards of service and peace of mind! Thank you Bridal Affairs!

Andrew+Jennifer - Jul 2015

Eric+Shujing - Feb 2015

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