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Bridal Affairs Mission Statement:

Service from our hearts to make every wedding a fond one to remember in years to come...


So who are we?

Bridal Affairs is the creation of three wedding planners who have a huge amount of love for this industry. What motivated us was the warm and fuzzzy feeling we get whenever we see the genuine smiles and gratitude from our brides and grooms. And when you get satisfaction out of more than what money can buy, you know you're in the right business.

Bridal Affairs specialises in wedding gowns and suits rental with a range of optional services under one roof. Brides who need only one gown can opt for our ala carte one gown rental. If you are one who prefer to be hassel-free, we have full packages which comprises of gowns, suits, make up, pre-wedding and actual day photography, videography, florals and even car rental options. You can choose from our various packages for your different needs, custom made package are also available. We are more than happy to guide you through your wedding planning process, but should you require extra assistance in your preparation, Bridal Affairs also offer wedding planning services at privileged prices for our couples. We even have customised wedding rings at the best prices and quality.

With our vast collection of more than 600 gowns on our racks today, you're sure to find something of your dreams. We offer a range of gowns at different prices to meet your budget. Bespoke or custom made dresses are also available at really afforable prices.

At Bridal Affairs, we pride ourselves on our transparency in our prices with our no hidden cost policy. We also only work with the best service providers to ensure you are taken care of in every step of your journey. Over at our place, as long as you have the faith to walk your journey with us, we will always do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face. 

Come have a talk with one of our experienced consultant, and soak in the air of your beautiful occasion. Feel like a bride and groom, feel loved, feel pampered.


Afterall, it's a wedding!

"Making memories of today for your smiles tomorrow"

Let's talk

Make an appointment for a private one-to-one personalised session in our cosy and elegant showroom with one of our experienced and committed consultant. Try on some of our hand-picked gowns. Every visit will be a memory to bring home.

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My wife and I had the smoothest of wedding package selection and choosing journey when we first stepped into Bridal Affairs through the recommendation of our friend. We took up the 10pieces gowns/suit package with pre-bridal photography under Lushfolio and actual day photography under Photomoments. Though based in a HDB flat setting, it has the classy and cosy feel that makes you feel excited and yet right at home. The packages are tailored in a way that you can get what you need at an affordable price, and of course IF you would like to go for higher tier gowns you can choose to do so by topping up with extra money, without having all these possibly extra cost already added to the initial packages whether you take basic or higher tier gowns. The additional costs are also open and transparent without any hidden cost.

Many Many MANY Thanks to Christin and Connie for making all our visits remarkably comfortable with advises and encouragement on what to do for our wedding planning, hearing us out on our wants before recommending gown after gown, and helping us out with our gown selections by giving us time to look through the gown and honest opinions professionally, patiently and with so much fun! The ranges and selections of gowns are rather wide with many outstanding gowns to choose from. Each visit is personalized in which it is appointment based and no worries of major disturbances have crossed our minds! We totally looked forward to each and every visit without worrying about meeting unhappiness and frustration from the both of them! Every visit is full of enthusiasm and warmth that makes us wonder who is more excited about us getting married! Haha.. We will totally miss going down to visit the both of them lovely ladies.

Overall our experience with Bridal Affairs has been nothing short of 102% FANTASTIC and we will surely recommend to our friends and loved ones for an absolutely fantastic experience!

*Special Thanks to Brandon and Luke for being so patient, helpful and capturing so many lovely photos of us even though we were rather awkward in front of camera! We will treasure them well and will miss the both of you too!
*Special Thanks to May for being remarkable in your Make-up for the both of us and helping us in more ways than that during our pre-bridal/actual day!

Yue Siang+Xinyi - Mar 2016

Many thanks to Christine and Connie for making my gown selection such a breeze. We contacted them in a relatively short period and were concerned if we will be able to get our gowns in time. Amazingly, their professionalism and well experience in this line made things happened! It was a sress free experience as Christine will take your opinions in consideration and take care of everything from there. Though based in a HDB flat setting, it definitely doesnt lose out to any other bridal shops. The packages are tailored in a way that you can get what you need at an affordable price. Every visit was so comfortable and you could see that their aim is just to make sure you are happy with the gowns you have as, afterall its once in a lifetime!

Overall, i will surely recommend Bridal affairs- Christine and Connie for those couples who are getting wed soon. You guys wont regret it!


Valerio + Melody - May 2016

Canon in D - Unknown Artist
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